Valerian / Valere

Valerian Officinalis Valerian is a known sedative.¬† Potentially valerian has anxiolytic properties also. The name comes from the Latin “valere”, to be strong, healthy. In 1882, B.S. Burton used an analogue of valerian to prevent seizures in laboratory experiments. This led to the development of valproic acid, now used to treat bipolar disorder. Valproic acid … Continue reading

Shinrin-yoku: Forest Bathing

In Japan, a known health practice is to walk through a forest, otherwise known as forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku. Forest scents, sounds, and light, have a healing effect that has been measured scientifically. Essential wood oils, named phytoncides, are emitted by plants and enhance the human immune system. Specific cells of the immune system, natural … Continue reading

Neuroscience of the Built Environment

June 23, 2011 Neuroscience of the Built Environment: Wellness includes understanding the neuroscience of how to build a work environment that nourishes health, well-being, clear thinking, and creativity. Being aware of our surroundings¬†is the first step towards creating a healthy workplace, followed by knowledge of the various elements of the environment and the body’s physiological … Continue reading